UnifiedPush, Promises and You

That’s correct folks, it has finally happened. The UnifiedPush Node Sender, https://www.npmjs.com/package/unifiedpush-node-sender , has been Promisified for the 0.13.0 release.

The API has changed slighty and it has also become a bit more “Functional” and now uses features from Node 4.x .

What does all this mean?

It means this was a complete re-write of the code base and is Not a drop in replacement for the previous versions.

Lets take a look at an example to see how to use the new Sender.

First thing is to require the module:

const unifiedPushSender = require('unifiedpush-node-sender');

The resulting unifiedPushSender is a function, so we can call it with some settings and it will return a Promise giving us the client object

const settings = {
    applicationId: 'APPLICATION_ID',
    masterSecert: 'SHHHH'

unifiedPushSender(settings).then((client) => {
	client.sender.send(message, options).then(() => {

Now if we take a look at this client object, we see there is a sender object with 1 method called send

The send method is pretty identical to the previous version, except it now returns a Promise and no longer emits events or uses callbacks

I’ll say it again, No Event Emitter and No Callbacks, Only Zuul, ……. I mean Promises

And now i leave you with this cat picture: