AeroGear JS 1.5.2

This release has mostly updates to the push related bits to align with the upcoming 1.0.0-Final release of the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server

However; there were some bugs (i know, shocking!!) that we needed to get rid of


As always, you can view the source code here

If bower is your thing:

$ bower install aerogear

Or if you want to create a custom build, JS Custom Builder

or use can use the custom grunt command!!

Release Notes - AeroGear JavaScript - Version 1.5.2

    Release Notes - AeroGear JavaScript - Version 1.5.2


  • [AGJS-164] - SimplePush Notifier, subscribe does nothing with "callback"
  • [AGJS-169] - SimplePush - no onConnect for Native
  • [AGJS-200] - AeroGear.ajax - InvalidStateError
  • [AGJS-206] - UPS client doesn't need double encoding


  • [AGJS-205] - Prefixed name should be mozSetMessageHandler (instead of setMozMessageHandler)
  • [AGJS-207] - Strip trailing slash in provided UPS URL

Feature Request

  • [AGJS-139] - Add reference to mozSetMessageHandler in SimplePush lib
  • [AGJS-208] - Fix notifier jsdoc for hostname/port and use simply host
  • [AGJS-209] - Update MQTT-WS notifier adapter to use Eclipse Paho MQTT v1.0.0 JavaScript Client


  • [AGJS-52] - Sync SimplePush with Mozilla spec
  • [AGJS-203] - SImplePush - Notifications should include the pushEndpoint