AeroGear JS 1.5.1

Bug Fixing

I know this comes as a shock to most, but there were some bugs that were found in our code and this release see those bugs exterminated!

There were also some enhancements to our internal API’s.

Dev Tasks

We have also added a grunt watch task for those who are developing AeroGear.js

While running this task, any changes to the code will run the tests for that code!!

Big thanks to Tolis Emmanouilidis


As always, you can view the source code here

If bower is your thing:

$ bower install aerogear

Or if you want to create a custom build, JS Custom Builder

or use can use the custom grunt command!!

Release Notes - AeroGear JavaScript - Version 1.5.1


  • [AGJS-195] - SimplePush UnifiedPush quickstart is missing AeroGear.ajax
  • [AGJS-196] - Promises Polyfill location is wrong in grunt
  • [AGJS-197] - Building a custom version on that only includes 'UnifiedPush Client SDK' results in broken script


Feature Request

  • [AGJS-175] - Watch task for development
  • [AGJS-186] - AeroGear.ajax - support for query params
  • [AGJS-187] - AeroGear.ajax callbacks should have proper arguments
  • [AGJS-190] - Add badges to the Github README
  • [AGJS-192] - AeroGear extend should be able to merge many objects in one target object


  • [AGJS-182] - Add coding Style to Contributing guide
  • [AGJS-198] - Remove SimplePushEndpoint References in docs and examples