AeroGear.js 1.5.0

Release, YAY!

The release of AeroGear.js 1.5.0 brings some nice enhancements to the library as well as a new team member.

Please Welcome Lukáš Fryč of RichFaces fame to the Team. YAY!!

Like the previous release, 1.4.0, there is something for everyone in this release.

MQTT-WS Notifier Adapter

We’ve added a new Notifier Adapter, MQTT-WS.

Checkout this JIRA for more information

Special thanks to Tolis Emmanouilidis. Awesome Job Here

More Granular Custom grunt builds

We’ve add a new grunt task called, custom , that will, you guessed it, create custom builds.

The custom task takes a comma delimited list of “modules”.

For example, if you wanted a build with Pipeline and the SimplePushClient, you would do

$ grunt custom:pipeline,simplePush

The produced JavaScript will be in the dist directory as aerogear.custom.js.

For usage and a list of available “modules” run,

$ grunt custom:help

ES6 Promises for UPS Client SDK and jQuery removal

This next addition is very exciting!!

The UnifiedPushClient SDK now uses ES6 promises were available( current chrome and firefox ) and will be polyfilled with this library were there is no native support.

With this change, the jQuery dependecy for the UnifiedPushClient SDK has been removed.

CookBook Update

A new cookbook recipe has been added showing how to use the Vert.x Notifier adapter.

You can find this recipe with the others here: AeroGear-js-cookbook


We also did some code cleanup and bug fixes


As always, you can view the source code here

If bower is your thing:

$ bower install aerogear

Or if you want to create a custom build, JS Custom Builder

or use can use the new custom grunt command!!

Release Notes - AeroGear JavaScript - Version 1.5.0


  • [AGJS-153] - DataManager - this.always defined twice
  • [AGJS-173] - Update mirror URL for ActiveMQ distribution in aerogear-js-integration tests
  • [AGJS-177] - ES6 promise reject not called
  • [AGJS-178] - AeroGear Ajax Throws error on Send with FireFox


  • [AGJS-158] - UnifiedPushClient - pushServerURL should default

Feature Request

  • [AGJS-30] - Notifier adapter's that use SockJS - Pass options
  • [AGJS-47] - Notifier: Add MQTT support
  • [AGJS-152] - Return the jqXHR created by jQuery.ajax in Oauth2 validate
  • [AGJS-155] - Use native Array.isArray in MQTT-WS notifier adapter and deprecate AeroGear.isArray
  • [AGJS-168] - SimplePush unit tests
  • [AGJS-170] - make custom grunt task
  • [AGJS-171] - more granular datamanager builds
  • [AGJS-174] - Move external dependencies for unit tests in a common place


  • [AGJS-135] - Notifier Adapters - Duplicated Code Cleanup
  • [AGJS-151] - Use Array.isArray() instead of AeroGear.isArray()
  • [AGJS-172] - Datamanager Doc needs update


  • [AGJS-41] - How to/Example guide for Notifier adapters
  • [AGJS-154] - Remove jQuery requirement fromUnifiedPush client